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Barbie® and Ken ™ career dolls inspire kids to dream big and set the bar high! Every Ken ™ doll can achieve its goal in an outfit that suits the profession and with the accessories that go with it. There are so many professions you can get to know. Extinguish the fire with the Ken ™ fireman's doll. Serve the best coffee with the Ken ™ barista pop. Dive into the rescue world with the Ken ™ Rescue Brigade doll. And score the winning goal with the Ken ™ footballer doll. Each doll wears an outfit that suits his job, such as a fire brigade uniform or a barista apron. The accessories also appeal to the imagination, such as a football for a football player or a lifebuoy for a member of the rescue brigade. Different skin tones and eye color offer endless possibilities to make up stories. Collect them all because when a girl plays with her Barbie®, she thinks about everything she can become! Includes Ken ™ doll, clothing and accessories, plus items to match the profession. Available individually and not available everywhere. Dolls cannot stand alone. Deviating colors and decorations possible.

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