• Encourages imaginative play and that children canbecome anything they want through hard work. 
  • Set includes everything needed for a gymnastic training environment. 
  • Barbie Gymnast doll is dressed in a colourful metallic leotard and comes with an extra leotard, a warmup suit, extra shoes, towel, snacks and a gym bag. 
  • Help Barbie to compete with the balance beam, 2 rings, spinning clip and 2 batons that are included 
  • Attach the spinning clip to Barbie Gymnast doll and watch her flip across the beam and perform other fun gymnastic moves!  
  • After all Barbie Gymnasts hard work, strength and determination she wins a well-earned trophy and a medal with a ribbon. 
  • Recommended For Ages 3+ years
  • NEW and in original packaging
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