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OMG, we sisters are ready to shine on the dance floor. We can't wait to remix our moves and create the ultimate Dance Dance Dance with our sublime styles. Everyone dances along with the BBs while you unpack and combine dance moves as you wish. Step onto the dance floor and go crazy! Now that we have the ultimate LOL Surprise music, we also need the ultimate dance moves. This series allows fans to collect and learn dance moves, then remix them to create their own choreographies and host dance competitions with their friends. Unbox the LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance OMG fashion doll Major Lady with 15 surprises. Dance BB dance, fly BB fly with Major Lady and her pop / rock style and fabulous fashion. She has a stunningly beautiful face, beautiful hair and her own phenomenal style. Plus, she's the big sister to favorite LOL Surprise character Stardust Queen! Unpack the TV box, in which each character actually moves on the perforated 'dance screen' when you remove the top and pull the tab. Unpack Major Lady's unique dance move and shine on the dance floor! Check out the magical blacklight surprises in the packaging. Unwrap her fabulous garment bag for her fashion and open her hatbox to view her accessories. Put her in a photogenic pose on the included doll stand to show her off. The pack will be a reusable playset where Major Lady can show off her moves. Contents: fashion doll, fashion, shoes, accessories, hat box, black light, hair brush, garment bag, sticker, coat hanger, doll stand and reusable packaging as a playset. Collect all 4 LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance OMG fashion dolls and host the biggest dance competition in the entire universe! Create and remix your own choreographies after extracting each doll's dance move! Do you unpack a character with a traditional move or a modern one? Or discover an MC in charge of the BBs' dance competition
Itemcode: 4520545D
Dimension item: height 25 cm
Dimension package: 30 x 20 x 7 cm
Suitable for: From 5 years
EAN code: 035051117889
Price in euros: Excl. VAT and excl. Shipping
Color: Multi colors
Brand: LOL
Material: plastic

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