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NEW! Toy Story Singing N' Yodeling Cowgirl Jessie - Responds to Your Voice Model Number: 64073 Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl With Pull ring in back for talking. Soft plastic hat, boots and belt. Hard plastic shirt buttons and belt buckle. She has real yarn hair. Soft Rag Body. Poseable head. Talk to her and she will respond with phrases as in the original "Andy's" room. Will respond to your tone and know if you are shouting Responds to your voice tone Detailed Product Description: From the Manufacturer Jessie is a singing yodeling Rag Doll Product Description The Thinkway Toy Story Sing 'N Yodel Jessie is ready for plenty of cowgirl fun. Press the button on her tummy and listen to her sing and yodel, and when she's done singing, pull the string on her back to hear her famous phrases. The highly detailed doll comes with a realistic-looking cowgirl hat, a belt and a buckle, so the doll looks just like Jessie from the movie. The cowgirl boots feature detailed designs to look just like Jessie's in the movie. Get your very own Jessie doll today, and listen to her sing and yodel whenever you want. This cowgirl doll comes with a sculpted head, hands, boots and belt from Disney/PIXAR's digital data. Includes a detachable cowgirl hat. **Press button for songs Listen to Jessie sing and yodel by pressing the button on her tummy. When she's done singing, pull the string on her back to hear her say her famous phrases. **Cowgirl hat Jessie's cowgirl hat is very detailed and looks just like the one she wears in the movie. The hat can be detached at any time if desired. **Belt and buckle Jessie comes complete with a belt and buckle just like in the movie. The buckle is highly detailed for a realistic look.

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